What seemed like a lazy fly ball off that Atlanta Braves baseball left fielder Marcell Ozuna turned into a scoring play, thanks to a little help from the wind, and the best bit play-by-play commentary on the RBI single came from an unlikely source -- Freddie Freeman, who was rounding the bases to score while the ball was in the air.  

Freeman was mic'd up for the broadcast of Atlanta's spring training tilt with the Boston Red Sox, and he pulled back the curtain on the reads an MLB player has to make on the basepath while trying to advance and score.  

Being able to hear what players are saying during the game has been something MLB fans have been loving and wanting more of, and clips like this one are why. 

Freeman said:

"Here we go. Oh watch this. There's a wind boys, there's wind. There's wind. There's wind. There's wind, c'mon."

As he huffs and puffs about the wind, the catchable fly ball drops, allowing Freeman to head home. 

He called it right away. 

Ozuna stayed at first as Freeman puts his hands up to celebrate being able to predict the future and put another run on the board. 

His excellent commentary of the whole thing left everyone in the booth laughing as the Braves home crowd cheered. 

We want more of these mic'd up moments, MLB. Please.