Funnest manager in MLB? Nationals' Martinez practices walk-off celebrations

Davey Martinez is getting used to being the manager of the Washington Nationals. Though this is his first spring in charge, he's shown more comfort than most rookie skips. For example, he's already invited camels to camp earlier in the spring, as a means of celebrating hump day and pushing the idea that the Nats can "get over the hump" and win a World Series.

Over the weekend, Martinez added a new cutesy idea to the fold by having the Nationals practice their walk-off celebrations. Take a look:

As Martinez says, he wants the Nationals to have fun. This exercise counts, and is reminiscent of something his mentor, Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon, would do. Some might find it forced or cloying, but Martinez himself seems to be enjoying the ride. "They all ran around the bases like it was a home run," Martinez said to reporters. "If it was me, I would have walked to first base and got a base hit, and game over."

Baseball is supposed to be fun, right? In that case, Martinez is a welcomed addition to the managerial ranks -- and to a stressful situation in D.C., where the Nationals are entering a pivotal season due to Bryce Harper's walk year. 

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