Giancarlo Stanton 12th in history with 150 home runs at age 24

Marlins slugger -- "baseball crusher" is probably a better description -- Giancarlo Stanton went deep again Monday, good for his NL-best 33rd homer. Here's the eye candy: 

I mean, that's a line drive. Wow.

The headline here, though, is that it was Stanton's 150th career blast and he's only 24 years old. He's joined quite a group for achieving this at such a young age.

Here's the list of players with at least 150 homers through their age-24 season, and we'll add games played so we can have maximum appreciation for what Stanton is doing.

1. Eddie Mathews, 190 HR, 732 G
2. Alex Rodriguez, 189 HR, 790 G
3. Mel Ott, 176 HR, 983 G
4. Jimmie Foxx, 174 HR, 810 G
5. Mickey Mantle, 173 HR, 808 G
6. Ken Griffey Jr., 172 HR, 845 G
7. Frank Robinson, 165 HR, 735 G
8. Albert Pujols, 160 HR, 629 G
9. Orlando Cepeda, 157 HR, 764 G
10. Johnny Bench, 154 HR, 782 G
11. Andruw Jones, 150 HR, 827 G
11. Stanton, 150 HR, 619 G

He can probably get right around Pujols by the end of the season, albeit with more games played. Still, this is mighty impressive. Just look at that company. It's all Hall of Fame caliber players (yes, fight about A-Rod's PED ties if you want, but in and of itself, his stat-line is Hall-worthy and no one can deny that), save for Andruw Jones, who had a historic collapse right around age 30. Before that, he looked like he was headed to the Hall.

To summarize: Stanton's power at such a young age is historically special.

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