The Miami Marlins traded Giancarlo Stanton just three years into his 13-year, $325 million contract, which can easily garner some bad blood. Stanton, however, apparently holds no hard feeling. In fact, he only wants the best for his former team ahead of the Yankees' matchup Tuesday night.

"I want things positive down there," Stanton said, per ESPN. "Hopefully it'll start to happen. But everyone always associates me with negativity there. I'm sick of that, and done with that. This is a great city. It's got great potential. I hope it switches."

To be fair, the Marlins really did do right by Stanton in some ways. He had a no-trade clause that he waived to go to New York, he has a player option after 2020, and oh, the contract was worth $325 million.

Indeed, the Marlins have a ways to go before they reach Stanton's vision for the franchise. They're 50-76 this season, five games worse than the Mets in the AL East cellar, and Derek Jeter's tenure as owner has been anything but smooth so far.

Stanton was hoping for a good reception in his return home, and he got it. The crowd gave him a warm ovation when he stepped into the batter's box for the first time, and he acknowledged the crowd by waving and patting his chest.

"I mean, I did nothing but try as hard as I could down there and stick with them as long as I could," he said, via ESPN. 

The perception that he has bad blood toward Miami isn't entirely unearned. He looked like a broken man by the end of the 2017 season, and in his farewell Instagram post, Stanton cited the "circus times" that went down while he was with the Marlins.

Of course, time heals all wounds. So does playing on a team on pace to win over 100 games in your first season in the Bronx.