The San Francisco Giants did not have a picture perfect season, as they are missing the postseason for the third straight year. But as a thank you to their supporters, the team had Fan Appreciation Night on Sunday against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Oracle Park.

It is nice idea in theory, but there was just one big problem: the biggest giveaway of the night didn't go to a Giants fan. 

That's right. A Toyota RAV4 was up for grabs and ended up being won by a Dodgers fan. You know how the old saying goes, "Keep your friends close and give your enemies a car." 

Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt gave the car away on the field and the winner chosen was chosen at random based off of their seat in the stadium. That was a risky decision to begin with. The teams are not that far apart geographically and there were a large number of Dodgers fans at Oracle Park all weekend. As one of the best teams in baseball Los Angeles, simply has a huge fanbase that travels well... especially when they are playing in California.

Really though, it is kind of a perfect ending to an already disappointing season for the Giants. Now one Dodgers fan is quite literally driving into the postseason. 

One thing did go as expected at Oracle Park on Sunday. The Giants got shut out by the Dodgers, losing to 9-0 to end their season.