Baseball fights are somewhat rare, and a good baseball fight is even more rare. Most of the time, those "fights" are just glorified shoving shoving matches with some slow dancing mixed in, but occasionally a punch or two will be thrown.

In either case, they don't typically last very long, so most of the time players running from the outfield or the bullpens get there too late to actually join in on an any of the violent stuff. Instead, they'll usually be put on "hold me back" duty.

Nobody knows this more than Andrew McCutchen, who was in right field during this week's Dodgers-Giants "brawl" sparked by Yasiel Puig and Nick Hundley. The veteran McCutchen posted something of a video essay to the internet this week recapping his experience during that incident, and his commentary was absolutely great.

It's hard to blame McCutchen for being caught off-guard considering the fight pretty much came out of no where. But even if he had been on his toes, he probably still would have missed out on the majority of the action. The good news is he seems quite used to that by now, as he has a very good understanding of what baseball fights typically involve -- especially for outfielders. I'm only disappointed that he didn't actually break out the karate pose.

His sign-off was pretty great as well.

"Let's just play baseball, not fight ... I guess."

Or I have a better idea: Make baseball fights interesting by allowing Andrew McCutchen to recap them all.