Giants coach Tim Flannery rips Dodgers over Bryan Stow

Giants coach Tim Flannery had some pointed words for the Dodgers. (USATSI)
Giants coach Tim Flannery had some pointed words for the Dodgers. (USATSI)

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We all remember that awful story of Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who, on March 31, 2011, was brutally assaulted in the Dodger Stadium parking lot and lingered near death for months. In fact, Stow was just recently able to return home for the first time, more than two years after the assault, and will likely never fully recover.

Needless to say, the Giants have been active in raising money for Stow's mounting medical bills and to otherwise keep him in the public consciousness. Giants third-base coach Tim Flannery, who's also a musician, has used his band, The Lunatic Fringe, to benefit Stow's cause. Obviously, the cause is important to Flannery, and the topic is understandbly a sensitive one.

On that point, a young Dodgers fan, Casey Johnstone, recently agreed to donate to Stow's cause all ad revenue from a viral video in which he starred. The Dodgers responded by letting Johnstone throw out a recent ceremonial first pitch, but they neglected to tell the story behind his charitable efforts. Flannery took note and then took to his band's Facebook page to object. He wrote:

Tonight the Dodgers did something that really pissed me off...yeah they beat us, they are better this time around, but this is about other stuff..they honored Casey Johnstone the kid who made a video and gave his $200 bucks to Bryan Stow...but the Dodgers never ever mentioned What the kid did with his money, or Bryan's name. I once had a Dodger broadcaster tell me " we wish he would just go away".....ok...more shows for Bryan...another way to shine the light, and to the Dodgers how you handled this pregame first pitch just got me started all over again......we won't go away, till you do what is right here..had your chance tonight......failed in the humanity department....

That's pretty stern stuff. As others have noted, there's an ongoing lawsuit against the Dodgers regarding the Stow beating, and perhaps that's underlying their silence. Not long after that initial posting, Flannery again addressed the matter at hand on Facebook:

thanks to all who got involved today..even the Dodger Fans...this isn't about your team, my team, your lawyers, my lawyers, it's about doing the right thing....the people that took shots at me, I told my family today if we don't have the other sides reaction, then it ain't that big a deal....I deleted no one, I was working, maybe some of my big time corporate executives (my daughters) did, but I didn't, everyones view is their own perspective..If I haven't learned anything in 16 years of coaching 3rd perspective is everything...before I go to sleep...lets take a moment (since it is national forgiveness day) and as John Prine once sang " you forgive me, and I will forgive you, then we will all go fishing in heaven". As far as the Fringe we come back in Jan and we will be doing shows to help benefit the Stow family...they need our "human touch", as the boss might say....peace everyone....

As much as I understand Flannery's frustrations, I also understand the Dodgers' excess of caution from a legal standpoint (provided, of course, that's what informed their decision).

Consider this another fairly ugly incident in a rivalry that's been prone to some ugliness over the years.

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