Giants shouldn't even think about bringing Melky back in October

The San Francisco Giants are rolling. They are 20-10 since star outfielder Melky Cabrera was suspended after testing positive for testosterone, and also after trying his shenanigans after the failed test. they have forged a big lead in the N.L. West.

The Giants do not need Melky. I think they know that. This is just a reminder.

Don't dare bring him back.

Cabrera is in Miami now. He hasn't been with the team. There's no sign he cares about them.

The comments from Giants teammates have not been flattering. It seems clear other Giants players aren't anxious to have him back.

There is no sign of Cabrera anywhere in San Francisco. Teammates surely don't reminisce fondly about Melky. The team is thriving without him. They are far in front. A postseason spot is basically ensured.

By rules, though, the Giants will be allowed to summon Cabrera to rejoin their team after 50 missed games, or five games into the postseason in his case, assuming they make it that far. reported that "all indications are'' that they won't bring back. And I'd agree.

There is no reason to believe the Giants will be tempted to employ him in October.

All is not lost for Cabrera. MLB isn't going to take away Cabrera's likely batting title (he now leads with a .346 batting average, to .339 for the Pirates' Andrew McCutchen) because they've never removed previous titles or even MVPs after the fact. There is no rule in place to remove the title. Maybe there should be, and maybe they'll change that for next year. But they believe it's too late for that now.

Nobody is happy that a guy who failed a test for PEDs, then tried to snake out of it by employing a fake internet scheme (with the help of his agent/agents) won the All-Star Game MVP. And no one wants to see him add more hardware.

Though he is technically one plate appearance short of qualifying for the batting title, the rule is he still wins as long as added hitless at-bats to get him to the required 502 PAs don't move him below the second-place finisher. So barring another hot streak by McCutchen, or hotter streak by someone else, Cabrera will win it. 

No matter, the more important issue is Melky appearing again in games, especially games that may determine a World Series winner. The Giants don't need the side show. They don't need to explain why they are bringing back a scoundrel.

The Giants benefited from Melky's great and tainted play earlier. But they were only tied with the Dodgers when he was suspended.

The Giants have thrived since he left, thanks to manager Bruce Bochy and all the other players. They won it without him. There's nothing to say they can't go far in the postseason, also without him. Cabrera is a free agent after the year, so they won;t have to deal with him again.

The Giants are a smart organization that knows the value of the team concept, having won a World Series only two years ago when nobody but them expected it. They also were the organization of Barry Bonds. Employing Cabrera again can't help the Giants' reputation.

For more than just about any other organization, this call should be an easy. Like I said, this is just a reminder.

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