The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series, giving baseball fans a break from the San Francisco Giants' inexplicable "even year magic." However, if "MLB The Show 18" is to be trusted, the Giants will once again capture that magic -- and a World Series title -- this year.

As part of our MLB The Show 18 review, we ran a full season simulation to see how the popular video game saw this baseball season playing out. It turns out the Giants' big offseason acquisitions of Evan Longoria and Andrew McCutchen went a long way towards achieving some digital glory.

Here's how the simulated season broke down:


  1. Yankees, 102-60
  2. Red Sox, 87-75 
  3. Blue Jays, 85-77
  4. Rays, 75-87
  5. Orioles, 71-91


  1. Twins, 87-75
  2. Royals, 84-78
  3. Indians, 78-84
  4. White Sox, 71-91
  5. Tigers, 66-96


  1. Astros, 96-66
  2. Angels, 91-71 
  3. Rangers, 78-84
  4. Mariners, 78-84
  5. Athletics, 72-90


  1. Nationals, 101-61
  2. Mets, 75-87
  3. Phillies, 71-91
  4. Marlins, 65-97
  5. Braves, 61-101


  1. Cubs, 100-62
  2. Brewers, 88-74 
  3. Cardinals, 75-87
  4. Reds, 73-89
  5. Pirates, 66-96


  1. Giants, 101-61
  2. Dodgers, 93-69
  3. Rockies, 83-79
  4. Padres, 79-83
  5. Diamondbacks, 78-84
MLB The Show 18


AL Wild Card Game: Angels over Red Sox
NL Wild Card Game: Dodgers over Brewers

ALDS: Twins over Astros (3-2), Angels over Yankees (3-1)

NLDS: Giants over Cubs (3-2), Dodgers over Nationals (3-1)

ALCS: Twins over Angels (4-1)

NLCS: Giants over Dodgers (4-3)

World Series: Giants over Twins (4-1)

Giants utility man Kelby Tomlinson, of all people, managed to take home the World Series MVP honors. He batted .437 with no home runs and two RBIs. That's ... something.

MLB The Show 18

As far as regular season honors went,  Nelson Cruz came up just short of the American League Triple Crown, but he did lead the entire league in average (.324) and homers (52) and win the AL MVP. Justin Turner took home the NL batting title (.320) and hit 42 dingers to take home the NL MVP.

Chris Sale won American League Cy Young with a 17-8 record with a 2.50 ERA and 252 strikeouts. (He may have robbed Carlos Carrasco, who finished with 18 wins and a league-best 2.29 ERA.) Jon Lester was MLB's only 20-game winner and took home the NL Cy Young. 

Then again, our 2017 simulation said the Mets would win it all last year, and we all know how that turned out. With that in mind, we'll probably want to go ahead and let real life play out before awarding the trophies.