GIF: Alfredo Aceves really doesn't like Bobby Valentine

This has long since gotten out of hand, but it's so bad now the Red Sox may have to fire Bobby Valentine before the season ends. Remember this, from about a week-and-a-half ago?

That set off a confrontation between Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine and relief pitcher Alfredo Aceves. The two eventually had to be separated. And the problem obviously hasn't gone away.

Wednesday night, Aceves took his public disdain for Valentine to another level, the likes of which are rarely seen on a major-league mound:

It may be subtle, but note that Aceves refuses to look at Valentine and then makes an effort to run around his teammates instead of simply passing directly by his manager, like every other pitcher in the game does every time he's removed from a game. Knowing what we know about Valentine vs. Aceves -- and also considering Aceves hasn't done this before -- it's a good bet this was intentional. If it was, it was a total lack of professionalism from Aceves.

Sidebar: Why did Valentine smell the baseball not once, but twice?

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