GIF: Cardinals make clumsiest putout in recorded history

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Is the headline above overselling things? Is the 3-1-3 (!) putout to follow really the clumsiest in recorded history? Judge for yourself what events and ham-fists conspired to bring about in Friday night's Phillies-Cardinals game (PHI 5, STL 1) ... 

OK, so Ryan Howard was almost certainly obstructed by the tumbling Trevor Rosenthal, but why let such literalism get in the way of a good thing. That's a strongly rhetorical question -- the answer to which is strongly implied -- so I didn't include a question mark at the end. 

Anyhow, if you still don't think this is the clumsiest putout in recorded history (3-1-3!), then press play below and watch the above GIF again, this time through opened eyes. 

Good. Glad we're now in agreement. 

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