GIF: Ice water is no match for Jenny Dell

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This isn't particularly new -- it's from the moments following the Red Sox's improbable comeback win on Aug. 1 -- but it merits your rapt attention nonetheless.

Jenny Dell, the lovely and talented NESN sideline reporter (this role should really be referred to as "foul territory reporter," but I have not the will to fight that battle right now), was attempting to engage Jonny Gomes in some postgame adult conversation when a cresting wave of celebratory ice water bore down on her.

As the following action-news footage will prove, the prepossessing Ms. Dell has, when she needs to call upon it, a schoolmarm's composure and a zealot's indefatigable sense of mission ...

That, lads, was the glistening hair-flip that launched a thousand ships. Or a billion. Who can tell with that many ships.

(Wink of CBS eye: Official MLB Tumblr)

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