GIF: Joe Girardi is something less than pleased

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As the world is by now aware, Red Sox right-hander Ryan Dempster, in a fight of righteous justice, plunked Yankees firebrand Alex Rodriguez on Sunday night. Yankees manager Joe Girardi was, to indulge in understatement, a bit displeased by those events. 

How displeased? For the answer, please regard the following action-news GIF ...

Obviously, that's not a right hook that came up short -- it's more of a hand-and-arm gesture that says, "Good sir, I presently find myself in a state of foiled disbelief" -- but the important thing is that, from this particular angle, it looks like a right hook that came up short. 

Now go and tell the world what you have seen. 

(Wink of CBS eye: Guyism, the ism for guys, one assumes)

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