GIF: Kid with popcorn bucket on head pays for foul ball exuberance

It is known that the people will stomp and shout slogans at the merest glimpse of a dot race or t-shirt cannon. It is also known that people will pursue a foul-hit baseball with the zeal of the converted. Such was the case for the unfortunate young man to follow, who was in attendance at Wednesday's Diamondbacks-Nationals contest (WAS 3, ARI 2). You shall know him by the popcorn bucket on his head .. 

Not only did the young man get struck in the chops by a cowhide orb, but he also fell onto the field with a popcorn bucket on his head. As Billy Ray Cyrus crooned then, now and forevermore: All gave some, but some gave all. 

He was fine, by the way. The kid, not Billy Ray Cyrus. 

(Wink of CBS eye: Deadspin)

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