GIF: Matt Garza is possibly on the precipice of madness

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Yes, it's April, but there's an important series going on between the Cardinals and Brewers in Milwaukee right now. In the opener, the tally was a hotly contested 1-0 in favor of the visitors when Brewers starter Matt Garza allowed a three-run, two-out homer to Jon Jay -- a homer that possibly cinched the contest. 

It may or may not surprise the reader that, thereupon, those baseball events caused Mr. Garza to take a brief detour to the sovereign municipality of Banana Town. Please bear institutionalized witness ... 

"I am displeased by recent baseball events!" he seems to be bellowing into his glove.

Either that or he just now leveraged the madness captured above and invented four brand new curse words specific to this occasion. For instance: "THASPUS YICKETTY DOOBLER SATCHPUTCH!"

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