GIF: Phil Niekro's insane top-to-bottom knuckler

Courtesy of Josh Gold-Smith comes what follows, which is a Phil Niekro knuckleball that is the most 12-6 pitch in the history of 12-6 pitches ...

Ooof. Eephus pitch or knuckleball? Yes would be the answer. Rare is the pitch that cries out for the wide-angle lens!

Anyhow, crack Internet research reveals the hitter to almost certainly be Lou Thornton, the year to be 1985 and the game in question to be this one (four-hit shutout for Knucksie!). 

Notice how Mr. Thornton momentarily loads his swing as he absorbs what is unfolding before him. I am absolutely going to feloniously assault the holy living snot, crap, viscera and essence out of this objectively stupid pitch, he is surely saying to himself.

Spoiler alert: He does not do as he intends.

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