GIFs: Kids today, they love Chris Parmelee

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In the seventh inning of Thursday's Yankees-Twins game -- an eventual win for the New Yorkers -- Minnesota first baseman Chris Parmelee ranged in and among the paying customers for an outstanding grab of a Luis Cruz pop foul ...

As you'll soon see, the lil' back-slappers in attendance were most impressed by Mr. Parmelee's self-sacrificing efforts ...

You'll note that the buccaneering youngster in the yellow shirt is the first to dare touch the Major League Baseball player in their midst, and the phantom pat you see at one point suggests that, for an instant, he wonders if he should really be doing what he's doing. But then, in an uplifting act of solidarity, the kid to his left also lays some skin on our hero, yours and mine. At that point it becomes a veritable back-slapping hootenanny. Such are the rewards of being a daredevil corner infielder.

Say it ain't so, Joe? No. Say it is this, Chris? Yes.

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