Twins closer Glen Perkins hasn't been healthy all season, and he won't be back this year. He revealed last week that he'll have season-ending surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder. His rotator cuff will be examined during the procedure as well.

On Wednesday, Perkins issued the following statement on Twitter:

Tomorrow at 1 PST, I am having shoulder surgery that will most likely affect the rest of my career in some capacity.

Do I wish I could've avoided this fate? Yes. That's why I rehabbed for two months.

Am I disappointed that I can't contribute to our team this year while getting paid a [expletive] ton of money? Yes, it makes me sick. Getting paid for not doing anything to help was the thing I feared the most when I signed my contract. I didn't want to be the overpaid guy. Well, now I am.

The only thing I can control is how hard I rehab. So from tomorrow until I am back pitching in MLB, know that nobody will be working harder than me to get there. That's all I can offer at this time.

Peace, and see you all at Target Field next spring!

Why did he feel particularly compelled to write this? Sadly, he's being questioned for toughness or selfishness or this crap:

The Twitter Tough Guy deleted his tweet after Perkins called him out, but Perkins provided the screen-grabs.

I'm sure it's frustrating for fans to see players making millions of dollars not doing anything to help the team, but I'd like to ask any fan out there ready to scream at Perkins how effective they think he would be with a torn up shoulder?

Glen Perkins, in healthier times. USATSI

Past that, this particular target of fan vitriol is a very bad choice. Not only would a closer not make a lick of difference on a team as bad as the 2016 Twins, but Perkins went to the Twins with an extension offer a few years ago that was such a "hometown discount" that it caught them by surprise.

The deal was a four-year, $22 million deal while Perkins was in the midst of three straight trips to the All-Star Game. It sounds ridiculous to most of us, but that's low considering what top closers get in the open market these days.

And, again, it was Perkins' idea. Here's a sampling of what he said at the time:

"All I wanted was to get in a room with them. I said, 'I think they'll be pleasantly surprised with what I'm asking for.' I did some homework and came up with a plan, and we were able to work it out."

"I want to be here. I grew up in Minnesota, and there's nowhere else I've ever wanted to play. And now hopefully I'll get to play here my whole career."

"I'll take a $22 million discount [price] any day of the week. That's more money than I'll ever need."

It's pretty embarrassing to scream at athletes with serious injuries like this in the first place. It's beyond comprehension when this guy is the target. The overwhelming majority of fans out there are too smart to take part in such nonsense, but unfortunately there will always be the dregs giving the masses a bad name.