Government shutdown forces Red Sox to postpone White House visit with Trump to celebrate World Series win

The 2018 World Series champion Boston Red Sox will not be heading to the White House for the ceremonial trip because of the federal government shutdown and worker furloughs, according to Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe.

The Red Sox were scheduled to visit Washington on Feb. 15 before the start of spring training, but with the government shutdown, now five weeks long, the team chose to changed plans. The Red Sox's visit with President Trump in the White House is now tentatively scheduled for May 6, 7 or 8, when Boston will be in Baltimore to play the Orioles.

"It's hit people hard in the New England area. I'm not sure it's appropriate to be celebrating in such a public way while there's people who are struggling right now," Red Sox team president Sam Kennedy told the Globe last week. "That's been the internal conversation."

With some teams and athletes in different sports electing to skip the traditional visit (or having their invitations rescinded by Trump) in recent years, it was called into question whether the Red Sox would attend but they accepted the invitation in December. Red Sox manager Alex Cora said that he would attempt to use the platform in the "right way." 

On Jan. 14, Trump hosted the Clemson Tigers, champions of the 2019 College Football Playoff, at the White House and served them a fast-food feast because of complications from the government shutdown, which affects White House kitchen staff. 

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