Grading the Week: Brewers at the top of the class

The Brewers were an easy choice for this week's 'A' grade.
The Brewers were an easy choice for this week's 'A' grade. (USATSI)

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The second full week of the 2014 regular season is now complete. Every team has had their home opener by now, so the day in, day out grind of the 162-game regular season is in full effect. It's pretty great. As a reminder, here is how our weekly grades work:

The idea is simple: we hand out letter grades for the past week, usually A through F, but sometimes we bend the rules a little bit. We grade whatever we want -- teams, an individual performance, pretty much anything.

Simple enough, right? Here are this week's grades:

A+ Easy call for this week's "A." The Brewers went 6-0 this week and have won nine straight games overall, giving them the best record in baseball at 10-2. They are winning for several reasons and this week they outscored the Phillies and Pirates by the combined score of 36-15. Milwaukee was poised for a bounceback season after their disappointing 2013 campaign, but they have come out of the gates on fire and are getting out in front of the NL Central pack.
B Even though they dropped two of three to the Mets earlier this week, the Braves rebounded by sweeping the rival Nationals this weekend. They are 5-1 against Washington so far this season and have beaten ever member of their rotation. Besting a division rival head-to-head, especially a team expected to contend like the Nationals, carries extra weight in my book. Also, shout out to Freddie Freeman, who went 11-for-24 (.458) with three doubles and two homers on the week.
C The "C" grade is the mediocrity grade to me, and nothing says mediocrity like alternating wins and losses for a week. The Rangers lost two of three to the Red Sox (understandable) and while they then took two of three from the Astros, both wins were 1-0. Texas scored 20 runs and allowed 22 runs this week, so again, mediocrity. Not a great week for the Rangers but not a bad one either. The model "C" grade week.
D- The Royals were a trendy breakout pick coming in the season, and while it's still very early, it would have been nice to see them get out to a better start. They took two of three from the Rays earlier this week, then they got swept by the lowly Twins this weekend. Minnesota outscored them 21-5 in the three games too. Kansas City has hit one home run this year and their 32 runs are the fewest in the league. One home run! That's hard to believe.
F The Marlins won four of their first five games, outscoring their opponents 30-16, but they have since lost seven straight, including all six this week. They were outscored 37-18 in those six games. Things got so bad that even Jose Fernandez got knocked around, surrendering six runs on eight hits and four walks in only four innings to the Phillies. Ouch.
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