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Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer is suing a former family friend, whom he accuses of defrauding him of nearly $1 million. In a lawsuit filed in Superior Court in Orange County, Calif., Palmer alleges that Warren Michael Holmes vanished after accepting $985,000 in loans from Palmer and his wife, according to The Athletic.

Palmer said he struck up a friendship with Holmes, who claimed to be a British hairstylist, in 2015. Over the years, Holmes became close with Palmer's wife, Susan, and his 27-year-old autistic stepson, Spencer. Eventually, the relationship became so strong that the Palmers made Holmes a legal guardian of Spencer, as well as the manager of his trust, if something were to happen to them.

Palmer told The Athletic that Holmes used Spencer as a way to gain his trust and get money for what appears to be a non-existent line of beauty products.

"Whether (Holmes) hoodwinked us or not, there is no way in the world he could have without ingratiating himself into our family and giving us the feeling that if anything happened to me -- because I'm 21 years older than Susan -- and then Susan had some kind of memory issue or whatever, that he was going to take care of Spencer," Palmer said.

In November 2018, Palmer asserts that he and his wife loaned Holmes $750,000 to start a holding company for his beauty products called Love Brands. Roughly four years later, Holmes had still not repaid any portion of the loan, according to Palmer. That's when the Hall of Famer loaned Holmes another $235,000 in hopes of getting the company off the ground so it could start earning money.

Palmer states that Holmes asked for an additional $2.5 million in March of last year, but Palmer refused and asked to be repaid for the prior loans. Palmer says he still has not been repaid, and the family has no idea where Holmes is at this time. An initial court appearance has been set for Feb. 22.