Happy(?) 15th Anniversary: Mark McGwire's 60th homer

It was Sept. 5, 1998, or 15 years ago Thursday, that Mark McGwire became the third man in baseball history to ever hit 60 homers in a single season.

Here's the footage:

That meant McGwire joined Babe Ruth (1927) and Roger Maris (1961) as the only players in major-league history to have hit at least 60 bombs in a season to that point. McGwire did so in the fewest number of games, too. McGwire would hit 70 that year.

Of course, that trio has now been joined by Barry Bonds (73, 2001) and Sammy Sosa (66, 1998; 64, 2001; 63, 1999). McGwire would also hit 65 in 2000.

So from 1998 through 2001, the 60-homer club grew from two men and two seasons to five men and eight different seasons.

McGwire has since admitted that he used performance-enhancing drugs in his career, so this is a tainted mark for many. That's why I have a question mark in the headline. It is, however, a historic day, because -- whether we like it or not -- the Great Home Run Chase of 1998 between McGwire and Sosa helped bring baseball back after the 1994 strike.

And the 60th homer by McGwire that came exactly 15 years ago was an incredibly significant moment.

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