Happy 20-year Anniversary: Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura fight

When the topic at hand is baseball brawls, it won't be long before the spat between Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan and White Sox third baseman Robin Ventura is brought up. The headlock-punches thrown by Ryan have gone down in baseball lore.

The fight happened on Aug. 4, 1993 -- or exactly 20 years ago Sunday. And it was much more than just Ryan vs. Ventura. There's some Bo Jackson goodness mixed in with a cut to Mickey Hatcher's face and several other issues.

Here it is:

Now, the beginning of that video and baseball lore tell us that Ventura was destroyed by Ryan. We even have an entry in our Bobblehead Project -- by very popular demand, by the way -- to commemorate:

However, it wasn't quite the beat-down the long-time lore has taught us to remember, as this White Sox fan video illustrates.

Ryan still probably got the best of Ventura, but it wasn't a pummelling by any stretch. Had the teams not gotten there as soon as they did, Ventura may well have "won."

Also, how in the world did Ryan not get ejected? I understand he didn't instigate, but he threw at least five punches in plain sight of everyone.

Regardless, Happy 20th Anniversary to one of baseball's most famous brawls.

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