Happy Bobby Bonilla Mets pay day

July 1 means many things in Major League Baseball, such as the beginning of the fourth month of the season -- so we can stop with "it's still early" talk for good. One of those things is Bobby Bonilla pay day.

Yes, July 1 is when Bobby Bonilla annually gets a check from the Mets for $1,193,248.20, just as he does every year and will continue to do so through 2035.

As I've noted before, here's the deal:

The deal was signed by the Marlins in 1996, but Bonilla was traded to the Dodgers in the 1998 blockbuster that involved Gary Sheffield and Mike Piazza. Bonilla was later flipped to the Mets. He then only played 60 games in 1999, hitting .160/.277/.303, so the Mets saw fit to get rid of him before the 2000 season instead of paying him $5.9 million that year.

There was a deferral clause in the deal that meant the buyout for Bonilla's $5.9 million option gets him nearly $1.2 million every year from 2010-2035. It ends up being quite the expensive buyout for the Mets, sure, but $1.2 million is a veritable drop in the bucket for big-league teams these days. Yes, even the penny-pinching Mets.

Where this actually matters is for Bonilla. That's a helluva a pension.

Now, for the obligatory mention of our Bobblehead Project mock-up:

That never gets old for me, especially with the baseballs on the walker. So classic.

And if Bonilla puts on some (read: A lot) of weight, we can just picture him playing the role of Huell (via CBS Creative):

Breaking Bad reference! OK, my week is now complete. And Bonilla's week just got a lot better, because it's July 1.

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