Happy Repeal Day: Here's Babe Ruth drinking beer with some dead fish

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Dec. 5 marks the solemn and sacred occasion of Repeal Day, which commemorates the end of foulest Prohibition. Indeed, on this very day in 1933, American drinkers rose up as one, ratified the 21st amendment, and in doing so raised a sky-scraping middle finger in the direction of those meddlesome Midwestern Protestants who had for so many years deprived us of the sanctioned intake of wholesome, nutritious alcohol -- a divine right legibly written in the stars.  

Repeat this from roof- and or mountain-tops: Never again. 

While former baseball-ist Billy Sunday played a major role in advancing Prohibition, manifestly superior baseball-ist Babe Ruth played a role in undermining it wherever he roamed and napped. So in dual honor of the Babe's right-wise efforts and this holy day of obligation, here's George Herman Ruth with a tall cold one in his paw and pressed to his lips and also in the company of some dead fish ... 

(Image: FishWithJD)

Also, here's a ridiculous Hamm's commercial ... 

Finally, let us raise a Repeal Day glass to Hall of Fame outfielder Ed Delahanty, who died in valorous majesty after he wrecked himself on whiskey, got kicked off his train after threatening the conductor with a razor and then walked into Niagara Falls while possibly holding a lump of coal. 

Snifters up, baseball enthusiasts!

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