The 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony is being held Sunday in Cooperstown, N.Y., and along with that comes the revealing of the new plaques that will be added to the museum.

Piazza's speech was first and here's his plaque.

That's the second Mets cap in the Hall, joining Tom Seaver. It's also a very good touch by the Hall to mention the dramatic home run in the first game post-9/11.

Next up, Junior.

Many wanted Junior's cap to be backward on the plaque, but this is the first Mariners cap ever in the Hall, so the great people of the Pacific Northwest would've been pretty peeved.

Also of note for both of these: I love that they have to include every team because the Padres/A's/Marlins era for Piazza and the White Sox era for Griffey are rather easy to forget. Now they'll always be remembered.