Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is scheduled to hold his baseball showcase on Tuesday in Los Angeles. Some estimates have as many as 20 teams set to attend.

To help everyone keep track of who's in, we've rounded up all the reports linking individual teams to Tebow's showcase. That doesn't mean the teams without a public commitment won't attend, just that these are the teams we know for certain will be represented.

The teams are listed in alphabetical order.

Thumbs up if you're attending Tebow's workout. USATSI

Arizona Diamondbacks: So far, no indication either way.

Atlanta Braves: Of course. The rebuilding Braves will take talent wherever they can find it, though it's unclear if they'll find it at Tebow's showcase.

Baltimore Orioles: It's unknown whether the Orioles will attend. The answer is a strong no if Buck Showalter's sentiments are shared by the front office.

Boston Red Sox: The Red Sox will have boots on the ground in Los Angeles. No word on whether they'll actually wear red socks, however.

Chicago Cubs: Joe Maddon had some kind words about Tebow's swing, but the Cubs were, at last check anyway, undecided.

Chicago White Sox: Looks like a no.

Cincinnati Reds: The Reds will attend.

Cleveland Indians: Ditto for the Indians.

Colorado Rockies: You have to hope the answer is yes, just for the Broncos jokes. But so far there's been no indication either way.

Detroit Tigers: The Tigers will scout Tebow.

Houston Astros: Who knows if the same is true for the Astros.

Kansas City Royals: The defending champions have interest in Tebow.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: The Angels intend to get an eye on Tebow, which makes sense, given he's working out near them.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers got a jump start on most teams, having worked out Tebow during the spring. Presumably, they'll check in again.

Miami Marlins: Obviously.

Milwaukee Brewers: The rebuilding Brewers will be there, if only for due diligence's sake.

Minnesota Twins: The Twins have nothing to lose by checking out Tebow, and that's what they'll do.

New York Mets: The Mets seemingly remain undecided.

New York Yankees: On the other hand, the Yankees will be there.

Tebow as a future Yank? Probably not. But the Yankees will attend his showcase. USATSI

Oakland Athletics: It's unclear if the A's intend to attend.

Philadelphia Phillies: Conversely, the Phillies are going to make the trek.

Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pirates' interest in Tebow is unknown.

San Diego Padres: San Diego once drafted Johnny Manziel, so naturally they'll scout Tebow.

San Francisco Giants: The Giants signing Tebow would provide for nice NFL-related troll fodder. There's no telling if that's a possibility, however.

Seattle Mariners: It's not known if the Mariners have interest in Tebow.

St. Louis Cardinals: Yes, yes the Cardinals will scout Tebow. Get your "right way" jokes in now.

Tampa Bay Rays: You'd think the Rays would, but there are indication that they won't.

Texas Rangers: Remember what the Rangers did with Russell Wilson? Maybe that's part of why they're scouting Tebow.

Toronto Blue Jays: The Blue Jays, employer to many players with weird career arcs, are going to attend.

Washington Nationals: Nope.