Here's what Vin Scully did during his first Dodgers Opening Day off in decades

On Monday, the Dodgers began their 2017 season by routing the lowly San Diego Padres by a score of 14-3 (box score). This particular Dodgers opener was also without the dulcet tones of retired broadcaster Vin Scully, and the 2017 season will be the first in 67 years in which Scully isn’t telling us of the Dodgers’ baseball exploits. As you might imagine, his absence was a dominating one ... 

So what was the board-certified national treasure Mr. Scully up to in lieu of gracing us with his broadcast? Gird yourselves for incoming banality ... 

Car wash, post office, moth-killer. Mr. Scully is no longer behind the mic, but the man is still taking care of business. As though there were really any question about that.

CBS Sports Writer

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