Here's why the American League was the home team in San Diego All-Star Game

If you've been watching Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game, you may have found yourself wondering: why in the blue Idaho is the American League squad the home team?

The confusion stems from the fact that, you know, the game is being played in a National League park. Yet the explanation is straightforward and makes a lot of sense. Put simply, it has to do with an uneven distribution of All-Star Game hosting duties. Here's what we're talking about:

This was the second of four consecutive All-Star Games in NL parks. Rather than let the NL have the advantage of being the home team in each year and have an edge on getting home field in the World Series, MLB decided to alternate the home league in this stretch.

For those keeping track, that means the NL will be the home team next year in Miami. Then in 2018, the AL again will be the home team in an NL park when Washington plays host. So save your future self the trouble and just bookmark this page now.

CBS Sports Staff

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