Hero at Chicago White Sox game ignores entire bottle of mustard on his face

When you're covering a White Sox vs. Cardinals game in mid-July, sometimes you need to dig deep for entertainment. The TV crew in Chicago did just that, as it found a man wearing a slick hat that would make Bruce Arians proud in the stands at Guaranteed Rate Field's Dollar Hot Dog Night with a giant spot of mustard on his face.

From there, an entire saga unfolded.

Somehow, I believe that this man was completely oblivious to the glob of mustard until someone called him to tell him he's on TV ("Oh I'm on TV!" can clearly be seen coming from his mouth when he picks up the phone). However, he doesn't seem embarrassed at all. The women he's with --presumably his wife, but who am I to assume -- sees the spot and starts cracking up, then he spends several seconds trying (and failing) to get the mustard off of his mouth.

Although for my money, the best moment of the clip is when he answers his phone with the most obvious "what the hell do you want?" face.

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His ability to own the moment is enviable. You're on TV! Don't let a bit of a condiment on your mouth ruin it.

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