Hey, you: Our MLB standings page now has full-season and playoff projections from SportsLine

Because we are of, for, and by the people, we recently undertook some changes to our MLB standings page

Over there, you'll find the usual records and divisional races and run differentials that are updated each time a game goes final. On the far right-hand side, though, you'll see this ... 


Those numbers come courtesy of our CBS associates over at SportsLine, and they're the outputs of the SportsLine Projection Model. You can probably figure out what each of the columns means -- what you see above is the AL East as of June 13, 2018 -- but just in case ... 

  • "W" is each team's projected wins for the current regular season. 
  • "DIV" is each team's current chances of winning the division. 
  • "POST" is each team's current chances of making the division by any means (i.e., winning the division or claiming one of the two available wild-card berths). 

Simply scan across from the traditional standings columns these SportsLine projections to get an idea of how each team looks moving forward. In the top-most example above we have the Yankees projected for 105 wins (rounded off), a 65.3 percent chance of fending off the Red Sox in the AL East, and a 99.8 percent chance of making the playoffs. The numbers are the results of the actual on-field results to date plus how each team projects over the remainder of the season. You'll see slight changes from day to day. On occasion, the standings and the projections don't quite match up. Take, for instance, the NL East at this moment ... 


At this writing, the Braves -- the top team above -- are in first place by 1.5 games over the Nationals. However, the Nationals, despite being in second place, project for roughly six more wins than does Atlanta and 71.3 percent favorites to win the NL East. As such, the SportsLine projections can give you an idea of what the long view looks like in each division, and sometimes that long view is at odds with the current standings. 

Please enjoy! 

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