In words of Weaver, 'Don't charge mound, beat them on the field'

NEW YORK -- Adam Jones saw what Carlos Quentin did. Adam Jones also remembered what Earl Weaver said.

"He'd say, 'Don't go out to the mound, just beat them on the field,'" Jones said Friday.

So, does that mean the Orioles center fielder would never charge the mound?

"You never know," Jones said. "That's impulse."

Quentin, Zack Greinke and the Dodgers-Padres brawl were no doubt the subject of conversation in clubhouses all over baseball Friday. In front offices, too, and wherever scouts gathered.

The opinions in baseball were probably as varied as the opinions among fans. One former major-league pitcher said he fully understood Quentin's reaction, given everything that led up to it.

"He was just fed up," the ex-pitcher said.

Others said Quentin only has himself to blame because of the way he dives over the plate. Most said that with the game situation at the time, it's very hard to believe that Greinke was throwing at Quentin.

Jones, who was hit 13 times last year (fifth-most in the American League), said he accepts getting hit, sometimes even when he thinks it's intentional. The one caveat: Don't come near his head.

"The Carlos Carrasco fiasco, that's messing with someone's life," he said, referring to the Indians pitcher who was suspended again Friday for throwing at Kevin Youkilis. "If you're going to hit someone, then square it up, and hit them in the back."

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