CHICAGO -- We're only four games into the 2016 World Series between the Indians and the Cubs, and Indians reliever Andrew Miller already has an all-time record.

In only 17 innings pitched this postseason, Miller has 29 strikeouts. If we pare our sample to only relievers, here is the all-time leaderboard for strikeouts in a single postseason:

Andrew Miller
Francisco Rodriguez
Kelvin Herrera
Royals20152213 2/3
Wade Davis
Royals20142012 1/3
Brad Lidge
Astros20042012 1/3

Now, some obvious caveats apply, as we can see the whole leaderboard is from recent years. That's because there are more rounds than ever. We started with two wild cards in 2012, one wild card in 1995 and there weren't even league championship series until 1969. Further, heavy usage of dominant relievers is a relatively recent thing in baseball, too.

Still, this illustrates what an insane weapon Miller has been. He's already broken the record and it looks like he could shatter it. Let's say he ends up with around 35. Only one reliever in history would be within 13 of him here.

Amazing postseason so far for the lanky lefty, and it's kind of been his national coming out party, really, as he had previously only logged four innings past the divisional series round in his career and that was on the losing side of a sweep. This is to say that while die-hard fans already knew damn well how good Andrew Miller is, casual fans might not have known. They know full well now.

Miller is a relief pitching rock star and his Indians are one win away from the club's first World Series title since 1948.