Indians manager Francona says on-camera use of middle finger was unintentional

Game 3 of the ALCS between the Indians and Blue Jays will forever be remembered as "The Finger Game." That's mostly because of Trevor Bauer's pinky gusher, but Tribe manager Terry Francona also contributed to the running theme, however haphazardly. Witness:

As we all know, extending the middle finger roughly translates as, "Not now, please." That would seem to fit the moment here. However, Tito himself says that his apparent brandishing of the Finger of Business was unintentional. Via ESPN:

"God, I was so embarrassed when I heard that or when somebody asked me that after the game," Francona said on ESPN's Mike & Mike. "I think I have a nervous habit of kind of picking my face a little bit.

"I would never do that [intentionally]," he said, before quipping, "My goodness, I mean maybe in the clubhouse, but not out there."

Regarding that vigorous denial, here's this ...

Hey, let's take him at his word, as it's entirely plausible that you'd do that without realizing it. If he is doing it on purpose, then I'd like to take a moment to praise him for making us a better people. In either case, I am pounding my gavel while wearing a magistrate's wig and declaring this to be Not a Big DealTM.

As you were, people of baseball.

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