The Tigers beat the Indians, 9-5, on Sunday to keep the Cleveland magic number at seven with 13 games to play. One of the main reasons for the Indians' loss was the terrible performance by starting pitcher Trevor Bauer. He coughed up six runs on 10 hits in 5 2/3 innings. He also lost control of several pitches, hitting three Tigers in the first 13 batters that he faced.

He hit Miguel Cabrera in the left hand in the first inning. Leading off the third inning, Ian Kinsler was hit in the head. After just two more hitters, this happened:

That's Victor Martinez in the knee and we know about his long history of knee problems.

Now, obviously people get sensitive about this type of thing, but it's pretty evident Bauer wasn't doing this on purpose. He went out of his way to apologize to Kinsler, his disgust with himself can be seen on the video and we can also see him apologizing to a member of the Tigers' coaching staff toward the end.

He also started off his post-game media session with an apology:

And then tweeted his apology:

After having lost upper-level starting pitchers Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar for the season, Bauer is the Indians' number two behind Cy Young candidate Corey Kluber. Needless to say, the Indians aren't going anywhere if Bauer can't perform better than he did on Sunday.