Is Halladay healthy? Once again, the question is being asked

PHILADELPHIA -- Once again, baseball people are asking the question about Roy Halladay:

Is he healthy?

He said he was healthy in spring training, when the issue first arose. He said he was healthy in April and most of May, before he went on the disabled list with what the Phillies called a Grade 1-2 lat strain.

He spent seven weeks on the disabled list, and now has made two starts since returning. And after he gave up six runs in six innings Monday night against the Brewers, Halladay again told reporters that he's physically fine.

The people watching him wonder, even some of the people inside the Phillies organization. Rival scouts watching him wonder, too.

"He didn't look healthy," said two scouts who watched Monday's start.

"He pitched like he was healthy, but his stuff isn't what it once was," another scout countered.

According to, which compiles data from's PitchFX tool, Halladay's average fastball Monday was a tick under 90 mph. His average this season has been about 90-91, compared to 93-94 in previous seasons.

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