Is Kyler Murray leveraging his NFL Draft buzz to earn more money from the Athletics?

Kyler Murray seemingly put an end end to the question of whether he'd join the NFL or MLB on Monday, announcing that he'll be going all-in for the NFL. The announcement seemed to surprise the Athletics, who drafted him ninth overall in the MLB Draft, but they aren't ready to give up on Murray just yet.

Murray still has a long way to go. There are Pro Days and the NFL Combine to account for. However, coming off of his Heisman-winning campaign he's an unquestionably exciting prospect, and in a quarterback-thin class he could be the jolt that it needs. Murray wasn't expected to have the success he had in his year as a starter at Oklahoma, ultimately leading the Sooners to a playoff berth where they lost to Alabama.

On Tuesday's "Off the Bench" podcast, Danny Kanell and Raja Bell talk about Murray's decision to join the NFL. Kanell isn't sold, thinking that it could be a ploy to get the Athletics to offer him more money -- specifically, an MLB contract on top of his $4.66 million signing bonus as a first-round pick -- but nevertheless they talk about 5-foot-11, 194-pound frame to and how his game will translate to the next level.

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