The Phillies lost to the Giants, again, on Sunday by the count of 6-1. In the three-game Giants sweep, the Phillies scored just one run -- a home run by Arrieta -- but it seems like he's angry about another part of the team. Here are the reporters from the locker room tweeting about what appears to have been a pretty nice rant by Arrieta: 

Seems like this might be something that's been brewing inside Arrieta for a while, because the shifts can't solely be to blame for his outing Sunday. He did give up a rash of singles, but several were line drives to the outfield. He also gave up a three-run home run to Andrew McCutchen

Before this outing, Arrieta was having an excellent season, too. Overall, he's still 5-3 with a 2.66 ERA and 1.17 WHIP. 

In terms of what Arrieta says about shifting, he's right about the Phillies. They entered Sunday ranked 28th in the number of defensive shifts, though this doesn't break down just good and bad teams. The Cubs rank dead last in shifts and they're an excellent defensive team. Also of note is they are Arrieta's former team and he never complained about lack of shifting there. 

Time will tell if this was more than just a frustrated player blowing off steam after an awful series. 

Hat-tip: Yahoo Sports