Cubs backup catcher David Ross has long had a reputation for being one of baseball's good guys, someone who goes out of his way to help teammates and mentor young players. Every team needs a few guys like him.

A few years ago Ross mentored Jason Heyward when the two were with the Braves. In 2016 they will be reunited with the Cubs, and as a thank you for all his help over the years, Heyward has upgraded Ross to a hotel suite for all road trips this season. Here is's Carrie Muskat:

How much do players respect Ross? New Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward is paying for Ross to have a hotel suite on the road the entire season. The two were lockermates in Atlanta when Heyward made his major-league debut in 2010, and Ross had quite an impact.

"That's one of the first emotional moments I had in the offseason," Ross said Monday. "[Heyward] texted me this nice long message about supposedly what I've done for him. That was cool to start reflecting back and people you've played with start saying nice things."

That's a pretty awesome gesture by Heyward. I know it doesn't sound like much -- who cares about a hotel suite? -- but these guys spend a lot of time on the road, and having that extra room and comfort goes a long way. Usually only the guys with big contracts (like Heyward) get suites.

Ross is so valuable to the Cubs in the clubhouse that manager Joe Maddon told Muskat, "I really don't care what he hits batting average-wise -- it makes no difference to me. Whatever he hits is gravy for me, for us."

Ross, now 38, has said the 2016 season will be his last as a player. He hit .167/.267/.252 (44 OPS+) with one homer in 182 plate appearances for Chicago last summer.

Jason Heyward (l.) upgraded David Ross to hotel suits for all 2016 road trips.
Jason Heyward (l.) upgraded David Ross to hotel suits for all 2016 road trips. (USATSI)