Jason Kipnis, Carlos Santana come through for child

Carlos Santana came through for a young fan Saturday.
Carlos Santana came through for a young fan Saturday. (USATSI)

Niko Lanzarotta is an 8-year-old Cleveland Indians fan with cerebral palsy. Saturday before the Indians' tilt with the Twins, Niko and his family were fortunate enough to be on the field during batting practice. And Niko got to meet two of his favorite players: Jason Kipnis and Carlos Santana.

He asked them to each hit a home run for him during the game. And they both delivered, en route to a 7-2 victory.

"He must be a good luck charm for us," Kipnis said via Associated Press.

Too bad he doesn't attend games more often, because the AP reports that the Indians are now 6-0 in games Lanzarotta has attended.

Santana actually has the billing of being Niko's favorite player.

"They told me I was their favorite player, and I promised to hit a home run for him," Santana said.

"It was an awesome experience," Mike Lanzarotta said. "It was the best day of his life. To meet Carlos, to be that close, and for him to hit a home run. ... To see your kid that happy is a great thing."

Outstanding story. Good for the kid and good on the Indians. This is the type of thing we see in movies or TV shows.

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