Jean Segura is one Brewer who plays hard (and plays well)

As colleague Jon Heyman wrote earlier Thursday, scouts who have seen the Brewers lately came away complaining that far too many of them don't seem to be hustling.

"I watched a whole series, and some of those guys still haven't ever touched first base," one scout said, bemoaning a tendency not to run out ground balls.

One Brewer who does get high marks for hustle (and for everything else): young shortstop Jean Segura, one of the three players the Brewers got from the Angels in last summer's Zack Greinke trade.

"He plays hard," one scout said. "People aren't talking about him as much, but he's one of the best young players in the game. He has as much range as anyone I've seen, and he can swing the bat, too."

Segura's numbers are impressive. His .954 OPS ranks second only to Troy Tulowitzki among major-league shortstops.

And he'll play all this year at 23.

The Greinke trade is shaping up as a good one for the Brewers (and not really good for the Angels). Johnny Hellweg's fastball has been clocked at 101 mph at Triple-A Nashville, although his command numbers (33 walks, 33 strikeouts in 43 2/3 innings) leave a lot to be desired.

Sources familiar with the talks said the Angels gave up Hellweg more readily than they did Ariel Pena, the other pitcher in the deal. Pena has a 2.95 ERA through nine starts at Double-A Huntsville.

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