Joe Mauer reflects during retirement press conference: 'It's been a true honor to wear one jersey all these years'

We've known for a while that Twins catcher/first baseman and Minnesota native son Joe Mauer was going to retire from playing after 15 seasons in the majors. On Monday, Mauer made it officially official with a retirement press conference at Target Field. Here are his at times emotional remarks: 

If there's one takeaway quote, it's probably this: 

"I never wanted to play anywhere else and it's been a true honor to wear one jersey all these years."

And here's this from the team president: 

Mauer retires ranking behind only all-time great Rod Carew when it comes to total WAR in a Twins uniform, and as our own Matt Snyder recently wrote he's got an argument to one day be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. For now, though, Minnesota sports legend will have to suffice, and that's probably just fine with the product of Cretin-Derham Hall High School in St. Paul. 

As for the road ahead, Mauer certainly doesn't sound like someone who intends to drop off the map. Via The Minneapolis Star-Tribune ... 

"I definitely want to be connected, but my role is unsure ... hopefully there will be some discussions down the road," said Mauer, 35. "Helping this organization get better ... I'd definitely be open to that."

There's little doubt that if Mauer wants a role in the organization, then those wishes will be hastily accommodated. On a personal level ... 

"I don't see this as a farewell. I'm going to raise my kids here. I'm not going anywhere. Guys were running around, trying to get things signed, and told them, 'Hey, I'll only be a phone call away.'"

Minnesota forever, it would seem. 

While there was occasional angst over Mauer's contract and the misfortune surrounding his concussions, Mauer walks away as one of the most beloved figures in franchise history. As Mauer would no doubt remind you, "walking away" doesn't mean he's going far.

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