Joey Votto ties Pete Rose's Reds mark with 48 straight games on base

Reds slugger Joey Votto doesn't always seem to get the appreciation he's due, but it doesn't seem to affect his performance at the plate. He's been the most consistent star hitter in the league this season, as evidenced by his uncanny ability to get on base seemingly every day. Every day since Aug. 11, anyway.

Though it wasn't a thing of beauty, Votto hit an infield single in the top of the third inning Friday night that gave him a streak of 48 straight games reaching base, tying the team record set by Pete Rose in 1978. Votto's streak also is the longest in the majors this season, and the third-longest since Orlando Cabrera reached in 63 straight in 2006.

Four other players in 2015 had on-base streaks of at least 40 games, including Matt Holliday of the Cardinals, who started the season getting on base in 45 straight.

Longest on-base streaks, past 10 seasons
Player Games Season
Orlando Cabrera 63 2006
Kevin Millar 52 2007
Joey Votto 48* 2015
Michael Cuddyer 46 2013
Matt Holliday 45 2015
Edwin Encarnacion 44 2015
Miguel Cabrera 44 2013
Kevin Youkilis 44 2008
Joe Mauer (tied with three others) 43 2015

It's hard to appreciate the aesthetics of an excuse-me, check-swing infield dribbler, but try for Joey as you watch:

What's extra-neat about Votto tying Rose's record from '78 is that, within Rose's 48-game on-base streak, lies his modern NL record 44-game hitting streak. The appreciation of Rose in Cincinnati knows no bounds -- kind of like the appreciation of a hitting streak versus an on-base streak.

Most hardcore baseball fans know the longest hitting streak in MLB history: Joe DiMaggio's 56-gamer in 1941. But what about the all-time streak for getting on base? Ted Williams got on base in 84 straight games in 1949. It's also worth nothing that DiMaggio's on-base streak in '41 lasted 74 games (and began with a walk in a game in which he didn't get a hit).

How long is Votto's longest hitting streak within his on-base streak? Just 10 games. But, getting back to getting on base, Votto has managed several impressive streaks in 2015:

• From May 20 to June 25, he reached safely in 32 straight (the eighth-longest streak in the majors this season)

• From July 6-31, he reached in 21 straight

• From April 6-22, he reached in 15 straight.

This stat doesn't have much to do with his 48-game streak, but it does give us another idea of how productive Votto has been:

Obviously better than Rose there. Better than anyone on the Big Red Machine. Here's how Votto's streak compares to that of Rose:


More productive than Rose, within the streak. It's not that Votto needs to be appreciated more than Rose, it's just that people need to realize how good he is. Pretty darned good.

Joey Votto and Pete Rose
'What does a guy have to do around here?' (USATSI/Getty)
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