Josh Hamilton joins Twitter

Josh Hamilton

There are people out there, apparently, who get off on pretending be famous people on Twitter. I don't get it either.

Apparently one person tricked 12,000 people into believing they were Josh Hamilton, so Hamilton went on the offensive and opened his own Twitter account -- @thejoshhamilton.

Just more than 24 hours after that tweet, Hamilton's account has been verified and he has more than 52,000 followers -- and nine tweets.

"I had to do it, man," Hamilton told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "When somebody's got 12,000 followers and are acting like they're me... it's terrible.

"I guess it would be good to have an official deal so fans can know it's actually a note from me or a response from me. I'm just sick of having to take people off of Twitter that are acting like me who aren't me. It's not right for the fans."

Hamilton also said much of the work would fall to his agent (or more likely one of his agent's lackeys).

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