Juan Pierre could help Orioles, but Phillies won't trade him yet

With Nick Markakis out with a broken thumb, Juan Pierre could help the Orioles.

Markakis was their leadoff hitter. Pierre, who has 34 steals and a .346 on-base percentage for the Phillies, would give manager Buck Showalter another option to replace him.

Not surprisingly, the Orioles have some interest, according to sources. Perhaps surprisingly, the Phillies aren't yet jumping at the chance to trade him.

Or maybe it's not that surprising.

Pierre, who could help the Orioles get to the playoffs but wouldn't be eligible for the playoff roster, would bring little back in return. The Phillies, meanwhile, have been hot lately, with eight wins in their last 10 games and a 15-6 record since Aug. 18.

Their chances of making the playoffs are still slim. The Phillies trail the Cardinals by six games in the race for the final playoff spot, and both the Dodgers and Pirates are ahead of them, too.

The computers at coolstandings.com put the Phillies' chance at 0.7 percent. Not great, but it's right about where the Rays were at this point last season.

Besides, the Phillies are still selling tickets, and they're still selling their fans and their players on the idea that they have a shot.

They may yet trade Juan Pierre to the Orioles.

But not yet.

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