You ever just relax on the dugout steps and ponder life? Well, Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner did just that during Sunday's dominating 10-4 road win against the Washington Nationals, and the photo immediately turned into a meme. 

Turner was watching the Dodgers offense after a seven -- yes, seven -- run inning and looked very comfortable while doing so. This was after Turner hit a three-run home run.

Baseball fans immediately took to Twitter with their best captions and reactions to the striking facial expression and pose Turner has in the photo. 


Call me partial (hey, I'm from Boston), but that Yahoo Sports one was my favorite reaction to the photo. A quick edit on the Cut4 caption roasts the Dodgers, who are very good at making the World Series lately, just not finishing the job. Sorry L.A. fans, maybe this year it will happen for you

Anyways, we're all just living life wanting to find someone to look at us the way Turner is looking at... Wait, what is he looking at in this picture?

I knew this looked familiar. These spot the difference games are getting a lot harder. 

Maybe he's thinking about palm trees back home. 

Someone needs to turn this into a painting and hang it in the Louvre. It's only right. 

The Turner meme was being compared to other memes. So many memes. 

The actual explanation for this epic photo is a lot less exciting than you might have imagined.

When asked about what he was doing at the moment, Turner did not say he was trying to become a viral meme, or have a "Jim looking into the camera during 'The Office' moment." He was not reflecting on life or existence or deciding what he would eat after the game. 

Turns out, he was just tired and wanted to sit. 

With the win on Sunday, the Dodgers now sit at 2-1 against the Nationals and have a chance to end the series on Monday.