Justin Verlander dinged with a million-dollar miscellaneous charge for being a 'Dodger Killer' at a Beverly Hills cafe

Astros ace Justin Verlander worked 12 innings in the 2017 World Series against the Dodgers. He struck out 14 while allowing five earned runs, which is a 3.75 ERA. He actually took the loss in Game 6. Still, his overall quality of work is what kept them in Game 2 and they wouldn't have won the World Series without him. 

The latter is a jumping off point to get to our fun photo of the day. Verlander was "charged" an extra million bucks for breakfast in Beverly Hills Friday due to being a "Dodger Killer." 

OK, that's a cool joke. Now ... $30 pancakes? A $42 salad with chicken and eggs? Holy smokes. Verlander is making $28 million this season and MLB per diem is $100.50, so no harm there. 

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