Kate Upton 'jokes' about boycotting Tampa after Justin Verlander finishes as runner-up in Cy Young voting

Kate Upton has never been afraid to speak up in defense of her husband, Justin Verlander, especially when it comes to his candidacy for prestigious awards. Upton is a pretty rabid supporter of Verlander's baseball career, and she can be quite passionate when it comes to defending his merit.

You may remember the time she profanely sounded off against Rick Porcello taking home the American League Cy Young award over Verlander in 2016. And, honestly, that year she may have had a pretty strong case. 

On Wednesday, the supermodel was back at again (though possibly a bit more playfully this time around) after Verlander finished behind Blake Snell in the Cy Young voting. After it was announced that the 25-year-old Rays starter was crowned as the AL's best pitcher this past season, Upton took to Twitter to announce her boycott of Tampa. 

Verlander wanted it out there that she was kidding around, but was she really kidding around? We may never know!

What we do know, however, is that Snell was certainly qualified to take home the award in his first full major league season. He led the majors with 21 wins, making him the first 20-game winner in MLB since 2016. His 219 ERA+ and 1.89 ERA was tops among the AL's Cy Young qualifiers, and he led all major league starters with a .178 batting average allowed -- the fifth lowest ever for a starting pitcher.

Verlander, 35, finished as runner-up in a pretty tight race, taking 13 first-place votes to Snell's 17. The Astros ace had himself quite a year as well, finishing 16-9 with a 2.52 ERA. He finished tops in the American League with 290 strikeouts and had a league-leading .902 WHIP.

Oddly enough, this is the third time that Verlander has had a second-place AL Cy Young finish, and all three times have been largely because of Tampa Bay. Verlander lost to Rays starter David Price in 2012, and his 2016 loss to Porcello can be blamed on the two BBWAA writers from Tampa Bay, who were the only two voters to leave Verlander off their ballots completely. 

With that in mind, it's tough to blame Upton for her anti-Tampa stance. That being said, Snell is a worthy winner, and Verlander will always have the Cy Young he won in 2011. Plus, Verlander and Upton just welcomed their first child together, and isn't that the greatest award of all? 

(I'm very sorry.)

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