Major League Baseball hears a lot about how bad it is at marketing its game and stars to younger audiences. Generally speaking, baseball has the oldest grouping of fans than other sports and the goal is to garner young fans in order to keep the game healthy for years to come. 

With this playoff hype video, MLB (teaming with digital media company Cycle) is definitely targeting a younger fan base. 


As much as I love the highlights of all the incredibly marketable stars MLB threw in there, I think my favorite part is when it flashes to Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. -- with his backward hat that has always made a certain segment angry -- and you can hear a curmudgeon broadcaster in the background talking about how that's "something you do not do in baseball." Um, well someone just did it, so how did it happen? Riddle me that, Mr. Get Off My Lawn. 

It's just perfect. 

This isn't to say every player has to be "flashy" or flip his bat on a home run. Kris Bryant, for example, just isn't wired that way and that's OK. So long as you aren't screaming at opposing players or injuring anyone, "just be yourself" seems like a good motto. Or, as Junior said, "let the kids play." 

Damn right. If seeing Yasiel Puig flip his bat in glee after a home run makes you angry: Lighten up, Francis. 

This game is fun. Players having fun is fun. Let's all embrace it. 

Excellent job here, MLB marketing people.