Ken Griffey Jr. statue outside Safeco Field has bat stolen and Seattle's not happy

Hope Safeco Field has insurance. A statue of Ken Griffey Jr. outside of the Mariners' stadium had his bat stolen by what can only be described as a vandal with a weird, specific flair. Social media users got footage of the statue now holding nothing but a nub, and The Kid's iconic completed swing now looks like an old man that just threw his hip out.

Messing with Ken Griffey Jr. stuff in Seattle is like saying beanies are out of style -- you just don't do it. Griffey may be the single most important player in Seattle sports, so this is either a declaration of war or a malicious act of treason. Seattleites are lining up with pitchforks and bats (look for the one that isn't made of wood) to defend their fallen idol, even going as far as to place a temporary block on the ever-important policy "snitches get stitches."

The good news is, apparently the bat has been recovered. The perp will presumably be forced to drink Folgers for several weeks as punishment.

Hopefully they're able to reattach Griffey's bat soon. It's bad enough that the statue isn't wearing a hat backwards -- making him batless will not stand.

Writer's note: Sorry for perpetuating Seattle stereotypes.

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